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Can You Tell If Someone is Lying?

What should you do if you suspect your Partner, Child, Best Friend, Boss is lying to you?

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  • Why do people lie?
  • Why do some lies succeed when others fail?
  • Is it ever better to lie than to tell the truth?
  • Do facial expressions give us away when we lie?

Discover these answers and more from the leading authority on why people lie… and how you can tell!

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Forthcoming Article: "Has evidence of the universality of facial expressions been challenged?" by Ekman and Cordaro


Dr. Paul Ekman's Column:
Read Dr. Ekman's comments on Season 3 under the 'Newsletter' tab above.

How the Lightman Group spots lies is largely based on findings from my research. Because it is a drama not a documentary, Dr. Lightman is not as tentative about interpreting behavior as I am. Lies are uncovered more quickly and with more certainty than it happens in reality. But most of what you see is based on scientific evidence. Each show also provocatively raises the complex psychological and ethical issues involved in perpetrating and uncovering lies. In this weekly BLOG, I explain more about the science behind what you have been seeing and when the show takes poetic license.